More Freelancers In Curacao


WILLEMSTAD – The informal sector is growing rapidly in Curacao. This is according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

According to the CBS, the number of employers in 2013 declined by nearly 1000, but the number of self-employed has increased. There are now nearly 7,500 freelancers on the island, which is an increase of almost 2,000 in a year.
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How To Improve Eyesight Naturally


CURACAO, HEALTH – In what way eye exercises help
Eye exercises play a major role in managing sight problems such as eye irritation,eye pain, eye blurriness, how long to take effect itchy eyes, eye infection, eye dryness,eye sight defect, and so on.

* Eye exercise instructions-
o Include eye exercise in your regular exercise schedule.
o Don’t be too fast to perform the exercise. Sit…..»

Aruba Versus Curacao: Caribbean Showdown


WILLEMSTAD — A few months ago I found myself in the Caribbean working on a project with Marriott Resorts of Mexico and the Caribbean. The goal was to highlight their properties and islands and show why they’re great places to visit. Two of the islands though intrigued me especially, and given their similar histories and location I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast them and show…..»

First Consulate General Of The People’s Republic Of China


WILLEMSTAD — Address by his Excellency Mr. Ivar Asjes, Prime Minister of Curaçao on the occasion of the official opening of the first Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Curaçao and the celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival.

Good evening. Tonight we are gathered here on a very special occasion.

In addition to celebrating the opening of the first official…..»

Announcement: Bank Notes Have “Future Date”


WILLEMSTAD — The latest bank notes of 25 guilders have an issue date that is in the future. On the front of the banknotes one can see February 1, 2014. The Central Bank says that there are no more old banknotes of 25 guilders and that it was decided issue these new one before time. According to the Central Bank, these notes are valid.
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Morena Eco Resort Receives The Green Globe


WILLEMSTAD — Morena is a Caribbean holiday destination for anyone who cares for the environment. The resort has 57 apartments and villas and considers both people and nature as their central theme.

Morena is the only resort in Curacao which has both the golden Green Key Award as the Golden Travel Life Award and was recently awarded the Green Globe certificate.

Due to the growing number of…..»

Navy Transport Helicopter Headed To Curacao


WILLEMSTAD — A Cougar transport helicopter from the Dutch Defense is headed to Curacao. It is the first time that the Commander of Naval Forces in the Caribbean is supported by this type of helicopter. The aircraft is intended to provide support for national tasks and disaster.

On January 8, the transport helicopter departed with a container ship from Antwerp, Belgium on the way to ‘the…..»

Tourists Stay More Often With Friends And Acquaintances


WILLEMSTAD — More and more tourists come to Curacao and avoid the hotels. They reside in apartments or with family and friends.

The Curaçao Tourist agency found that although 5% more tourists came to the island in 2013, the number of nights at hotels fell behind. The occupancy of the major hotels on the island was in the past year also significantly lower than has been the case in recent…..»

Government Services Also Accessible By E-Mail


WILLEMSTAD — An appointment to apply for a new passport, identity card or a car inspection can also be made online starting today. This was announced by the Department of Administration, Planning and Services (BPD).

For an appointment, send an e-mail to In the email, the personal information and the reason for the appointment should be stated. Requests will be answered…..»

Nine Organizations Receive Donation From The Britannic Club


WILLEMSTAD — The Britannic Club Curacao was established in 1951. The club was initially for the wives of British ex-patriots living and working in Curacao. Over the years, the club has expanded to include members from all countries of the Commonwealth as well as Great Britain and Ireland. Members meet every month to swap news and chat with others and to raise funds for local Curaçao…..»

Curaçao Wants Positive Assessment By Standard & Poor’s


WILLEMSTAD — Curacao is lobbying hard to get a proper assessment of credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s. In a previous review, the ‘outlook’ of Curaçao has been revised to stable from negative. Curacao received the rating of A-.

The Curaçao Minister of Finance Dr. Jose Jardim, personally informed the S & P recently about the financial state of the island. He did that in New York……»

Opening Músika Curaçao By Sinaya Wolfert


WILLEMSTAD — We are happy to invite you to our next exhibition ‘Músika Curaçao’, opening Saturday January 18, 2014 from 5 pm to 7 pm showing photographs by Sinaya Wolfert.

Sinaya Wolfert and Jeanette van Ditzhuijzen will present their newest photobook which carries the same name as the exhibition ‘Músika Curaçao’.

The Book will be sold for a special price of ANG. 99.00…..»